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PI Copy Editors Insurance

For Copy Editors/ Writers / Indexers/ Proofreaders

As a copy editor, proofreader or indexer, your business is your expertise. Your duty of care to your clients means that they have a claim of damages against you if you have made a mistake that has a financial impact on them. Even if such a claim is successfully defended the associated legal costs can be extremely high.  

Professional Indemnity insurance (known as errors and omissions insurance in the US) protects service-providers such as you against damages awarded by the courts in any negligence claims made by a client and the legal costs associated in defending such a claim.  

Why do I need PI Copy Editors’ Insurance?

Whether you are a freelancer, a network or a specialist company advising clients on the content, layout, design or syntax of publications, it is likely that you will need Professional Indemnity insurance.

What is typically included in PI Copy Editors’ Insurance?

Our insurance is underwritten by HCC Insurance Holdings, Inc. (HCC) and we are able very easily to add Office Contents, Products/Public Liability cover and Employers’ Liability cover to your PI insurance.

  • Protection up to £1 million
  • You choose your cover level and excess
Optional Extras
  • Business Combined Insurance cover
  • Legal Expense – covers things such as employment disputes, contract disputes, tax investigations, property disputes and licence protection
  • Cover for Business Travel
Why Export and General?
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  • Highly experienced team with your interest at heart
  • Personal service – we care about what matters to you
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