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Event Insurance

Why do I need Event Insurance?

If you are planning an event, whether it’s a conference, consumer show or a corporate dinner, having appropriate Event Insurance in place will protect you from:-

  • Liability claims – damages and associated legal costs for personal injury to third-parties or for damage to their property. Also covered is liability to employees, including volunteers.
  • Cancellation cover – recovery of costs if an event is cancelled or delayed, other than through lack of interest or ticket sales.
  • Equipment cover – property lost or damaged e.g. to weather.

In recent years we have seen volcanic ash clouds disrupting air travel, riots in London, and pan-European strikes, indeed events may need to be postponed or cancelled for all sorts of reasons. Whilst at an event, a guest may be injured, property damaged or an employee negligent. Those unforeseen circumstances could leave your business very significantly out of pocket.

What is typically included in Event Insurance?

Your Event insurance needs will be as unique as the event you are planning. We know that one size certainly does not fit all, and so we can talk you through your options to ensure that you have the bespoke protection in place that you need.

We can offer Liability insurance across different ranges, so you are protected should an employee or guest sue you due to perceived negligence.

There is also the option to protect your business should the event be delayed or not be able to run at all.

And there are options for policy extensions to cover a full range of possibilities from weather to no-shows for paid for entertainment.

 Why Export and General?
  • We do all the hard work to offer you competitive market quotes
  • We access a wide range of insurers and find you the best package for your needs
  • Highly experienced team with your interest at heart
  • Personal service – we care about what matters to you
It doesn’t cost you anything to let us quote, but think about what it could save you.


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