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High Net Worth Home Insurance

All insurers can handle standard cases easily but above a certain value of Buildings or Contents people often require something different. The rebuilding cost of the home might exceed what insurers are usually happy to accept, there are often collections, works of art or jewellery. There may be things of value left in the open e.g. statuary. Special security may be required or the property may be unoccupied for periods of time.

For these reasons, and others, Buildings and Contents above certain values require special handling and that is where our experience and expertise can help.

Often this is more about getting the right cover but with our access to specialist insurers in this field we can also make sure you get that at the best price.

What is typically included in High Net Worth Home Insurance:
  • Buildings Insurance: Owners of larger properties don’t want to be restricted to a specific figure. Cover to re-build the home without limit can be obtained giving greater peace of mind. 
  • Contents Insurance: Inner-limits will need increasing e.g. single-article limit and/or any limit on valuables or works of art in total. We can even access policies that offer unlimited cover.
  • Valuables cover: Usual limits of personal possessions in the home or carried, or worn, outside are usually inadequate. High Net Worth policies provide much higher limits, these can be tailored to your particular requirements.

Depending on your needs, there are also options to add Home Emergency cover, Legal Expenses and Accidental Damage cover (if not included as standard).

 Why Export and General? 
  • We do all the hard work to offer you competitive market quotes
  • We access a wide range of insurers and find you the best package for your needs
  • Highly experienced team with your interest at heart
  • Personal service – we care about what matters to you
It doesn’t cost you anything to let us quote, but think about what it could save you.


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