Gifts that keep on giving

If you’re still struggling to find that perfect gift or wondering this holiday season what to buy for someone who already ‘has everything’, you’re not alone! It can be tough to come up with new and thoughtful ideas for that special someone.

But don’t worry. If you’re looking for a present that is more about your presence all year long then we are here to help. Browse our selection of gift ideas that keep on giving!

A year of special dates

A calendar is a popular Christmas gift, but it can be so much more – the gift of time together!  Whether it’s coffee and cake with your bestie, a date night with your partner or just a phone call to a far flung relative, fill in some dates and details before you wrap it.  Make a plan to catch up every month, it could be the same place at the same time each month or plan for special occasions with different venues and themes.

Subscriptions aren’t just for magazines

Do you know someone looking for a hobby, the opportunity to try different activities or simply a chance to meet new people? Gift them an annual membership for a local Men’s Shed (women are welcome too), a walking club or a similar organisation. It might be something they never knew they wanted.

The classy option

We all know someone who needs a little push in the right direction sometimes.  Sign them up for that class they have been intending to join; it could be yoga or pilates, crafting or cooking, a book club or bog swimming, the options are endless.  If the price is a little out of your budget, offering to go with them as your gift could be all the incentive they need.

Plant power

Plants and flowers are a wonderful choice for a gift that keeps giving; kitchen windowsill herbs for the avid cook, perennial shrubs for the keen gardener, spring bulbs for the patio or even plant a tree on someone’s behalf.  Head down to your local florist or plant nursery for the best choice and advice.  If the recipient is not known for their green fingers include simple easy to follow tips to ensure your gift really does last!

Take the pressure off

Have you got a skill that someone you know lacks? You could offer a friend or a loved one help throughout the year with coupons for tasks they might struggle with like gardening, decorating or general household chores. You may know someone who would benefit from some book-keeping, a review of their finances, or simply helping them search for the best insurance, energy or travel products.  This is a great option for the younger members of the family too, as they could offer dog walking, baby sitting or even help with homework for a sibling.

Delicious deliveries

For many, Christmas is all about indulgence, why not spread that joy throughout the year? It could be treats like chocolate or cheese, or more practical options like organic veg boxes or meal solutions, there are now so many choices for monthly foodie subscriptions. Buy this for someone you live with and they might let you share in their delight!

Give back

Christmas is the time for giving but if you know someone who really doesn’t ‘want for anything’, consider donating to charity on their behalf. Some charities send updates throughout the year letting you know how your donation has helped so don’t forget to register the donation in your ‘recipients’ name.

Pay it forward

We don’t mean regifting those Christmas socks you never wore, we are talking about charity shops.  It may not be a year-long option, but it certainly is a gift that keeps giving; not only does the purchase benefit a worthy cause, it is the sustainable choice and you can find some real treasures too!

Make it personal

For the ultimate personalised gift – make it!  For those who can knit, sew, build, or paint the options are obvious, but for those with less craft-based talents try framing family photos, creating a photobook or make a scrapbook of funny quotes.  Get the kids involved and ask them to decorate and repurpose everyday objects (see charity shop above) for a special person in their lives. We guarantee it will take pride of place on the mantelpiece for many years to come!

Make money last

When you really can’t think of anything, so many of us resort to cash or vouchers in a card.  Consider opening a savings account or purchasing premium bonds as an alternative.  It may not be very exciting or fanciful but hopefully a gift that will last the test of time.

Merry Christmas to you all and please accept our little gift that keeps on giving all year long…

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