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Storm Planning

After our first named summer storm of the year, ‘STORM EVERT’, wreaked havoc in July, the British weather didn’t much improve. After a grey and drizzly summer, we all hold out hope for a drier Autumn. But now is the perfect time to ensure you have cover as the weather worsens.

Environmental reports when buying houses are showing increasing incidents of flood. 7 of the 11 wettest years on record – since 1862 – in the UK have occurred since 1998. The five wettest winters have been from 1990 onwards.

This poses problems for insurers who worry about flood because when one occurs it is often catastrophic.  Insurers’ approaches to flooding vary a lot and knowing which one to approach for a particular property requires expertise and experience, which is exactly where we can help.

Now is a good time to check you are covered.

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