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Assorted flowers at a market stall

Check out Florist’s Insurance…

Flowers are one of the nicest ways to show someone you care – that’s something worth protecting.  

Why do I need Insurance for my Florist business? 

It is always important to make sure your flower business is covered just in case the unexpected happens.

With us you can build a bespoke policy just for you and your businesses needs.

If you employ staff you are legally required to have employers liability insurance.

You might also want to consider cover for your stock and equipment against theft and damage. Cover to protect claims from members of the public who visit your business and if you own the building,  you must get cover for this.

Business Interruption insurance could cover you if you have to close your flower shop/ stall due to certain circumstances beyond your control.

We have much experience in this area so give us a call and together we can build a bespoke policy just for you…

Look after your flowers!

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