You might be apprehensive as you are about booking your first holiday away since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, this article will hopefully lay out how governing bodies of the travel industry, along with our newly included Covid-19 cover that’s standard with all purchased travel insurance products, will show that there’s nothing to worry about!

Flights – You should be due a full refund within seven days for any cancelled flights, as they’ll fall under Flight Delay Rules, which have been written in UK law. According to this, you’re either entitled to a full refund, or an alternative flight to your destination. It’s important to remember, that while some airlines will try offering a voucher, you are absolutely entitled to the full refund.

Package holidays – It’s always worth looking at package holidays, as these have to remain compliant to the Package Travel Regulations, which entitles anyone to a full refund within 14 days should the company you booked with cancel the holiday for any reason.

Other services (Hotels, Covid-19 Tests etc) – For these, the area of financial protection is a little murkier, especially if booking services and accommodation with non-UK firms, where refund laws may be different to the UK. The UK competition watchdog has begun investigating companies deemed to have offered an unfair Covid-19 refund policy, including threatening to take legal action to enforce consumer rights, and as such, it definitely seems a better idea to book UK where possible.

So why do you need travel insurance? – If you or one of your travelling party was to test positive for Covid-19 within 14 days of your holiday, you’d of course have to isolate and miss the departure date of your holiday. Our Covid-19 cover is in place to specifically help people who find themselves in this situation, as we’ll pay out on claims for holidays cancelled whereby either the policy holder or anyone travelling with them was to contract Covid-19. Make sure that you’ve selected ‘denial of boarding’ cover in your policy, as this will cover you for any costs you may incur if you’re denied boarding by contracting Covid-19 in the days before your return flight home.

It’s important to remember that our travel insurance policies won’t cover trips booked to destinations where the government advice is against travel, whether for Covid-19 related reasons or not. This would apply whether the destination was or wasn’t an approved destination at the time of booking, or subsequently fell onto the no-travel list later. In this instance you will likely be able to rely on the previously mentioned methods in order to obtain a holiday refund.

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